For information about licensing a reprint of a JAM Business News digital report please contact:

Video Licensing

JAM Business News produces news reports on industries, strategies, innovations, companies, and leaders.

For those that seek a video reprint solution to use a JAM video news report on your website or for marketing purposes JAM Reprint Solutions can offer a license that allows you to use a video for these purposes. For additional information on licensing a JAM video, email your request to Include the title, subject, or company mentioned in the report.

JAM primarily distributes its news reports through distribution partners. JAM Reprint Solutions manages the solutions for companies wanting to use a video for marketing purposes. We grant a license, provide embed code and or links to a custom page where we have placed the news reports. You choose how long you want to have the license and how many times you want to have it streamed. We also will include in your link the ability to add social media links to make it easy for others to share. Additionally, if you wish we can also include your website URL in the video metadata that may assist your search engine optimization.

The embed code allows you to easily include the video on your website. The Quick Link that we create allows you to immediately send the link to anyone or place the link anywhere and viewers can quickly see the news report.


JAM Business News produces and syndicates video, print, and radio news reports. Our news reports focus on vertical business news with an emphasis on the news of growth companies. JAM is also beta testing innovative engagement technologies to enhance the news experience of its business viewers.


JAM Business News is a division of MICRO MOBILE MEDIA LLC. Based in Atlanta, MMM is a leading vertical digital media company that produces and syndicates business news content. The company aims to be a leader in vertical business video news content and innovative digital technologies.


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