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What is our (inc.player)™?
JAM’s Industry News Content Platform (inc.platform)™ is a cutting edge video news channel player enabling publishers to enjoy increased audience engagement.  News is the most viewed content on the Internet.  Couple that with a growing need by web publishers for fresh relevant content and it paves the way for JAM syndication where we add industry news content to their sites.  With search engines keying off of video and business professionals expecting it, those publishers that don’t seek out dynamic rich media content are being left behind.

JAM Business News provides web publishers with a turn-key solution for integrating network quality news video into their site. We allow publishers to give their viewers a broad range of independent industry news curated for your particular needs and market. Our news meets the highest journalistic standard and no company can pay to have their news covered.  All decisions are made exclusively by our editorial newsdesk.  The end result is that you can have a news channel, customized for your industry, broadcasting from your website in under two weeks at no cost to you.

Our premier news technology coupled with our (inc.platform)™ allows publishers to create a custom industry news channel to complement their site experience and have it embedded in their website. Reinventing the business news network model online, JAM Business News delivers engaging industry, company, strategy, and trending news reports targeted to give publishers a dynamic and relevant content solution.

JAM Business News is challenging the chaos of traditional business news and the Internet. We’re using innovation and technology to change the rules of who gets covered and the result is a new news model that serves today’s audience while also giving publishing partners a safe and consistent source for relevant content.

Critical Content
Today, video is the fastest growing search factor, the Internet has become the number one source for news, and business professionals are increasingly choosing online video to keep up with their professional news. All of this makes it clear that publishers need to add targeted video business news broadcast to their sites to help meet their content needs. Research indicates that there are over 100 million online business video news viewers in the United States. A business news channel is critical content to engage your business viewers.

More Details for Publishers

JAM’s content managers are available to discuss your needs and create targeted business news programming solutions. For more information about how to partner with JAM contact us here. We will attempt to get back to you within 3-5 business days. Due to the volume of requests we do not always reach that goal for everyone. For more information on partnering with JAM Business News contact us. Contact Us


JAM Business News produces and syndicates video, print, and radio news reports. Our news reports focus on vertical business news with an emphasis on the news of growth companies. JAM is also beta testing innovative engagement technologies to enhance the news experience of its business viewers.


JAM Business News is a division of MICRO MOBILE MEDIA LLC. Based in Atlanta, MMM is a leading vertical digital media company that produces and syndicates business news content. The company aims to be a leader in vertical business video news content and innovative digital technologies.


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