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The JAM Business News digital network is the leading publisher of original video news reports on growth companies. Led by its news reports and a network of syndication partners, JAM Business offers editorial coverage, engagement tools, and innovative advertising solutions that are second to none.

For advertisers, a partnership with JAM Business means access to vertical business decision makers — one of the most coveted audiences in the marketplace. The power of its network is seen in its reach to influential business and financial decision makers. JAM business reports reach motivated business decision makers who are highly engaged in news content and receptive to your message. And with our premium content we deliver an audience at scale.

JAM Business News supports The Rich Media Creative Guidelines. JAM Business provide guidelines on how to create ad creatives that comply with IAB standards. Additionally, JAM Business News is VAST compliant.

Our Advertising Products include:

Ads on JAM Featured Business News Content — Features a wide range of business news covering all industries which we we syndicate across premier partner sites. JAM Business News Content will effectively reach and engage your target audience.

Ads on JAM Vertical News Content — Features select video channels that appeal to targeted business decision makers. Our syndicated vertical channels allow you to target and effectively reach and engage your target audience. All channels can be segmented down to the regional level.

Branded Content & Native Advertising —  Through Jam Industry Insights™ Jam Partner Studios can help package a brand’s content that is designed for a particular audience.  Jam Industry Insights™ is a content-creation platform that enables marketers to join the conversation with their own voice and thought leadership. Jam can meet all audience requirements including demographics, behavioral, contextual, geography, and financial.  Jam Industry Insights™ integrates a brand’s content with Jam editorial allowing marketers to share the expertise and engage with Jam viewers.

Jam offers marketers the opportunity to share their branded content in three ways.

  1. Jam IndustryVoices™:  When a company announcement does not meet the timing needs of the Jam editorial calendar the Jam NewsDesk will often direct Jam Partner Studios to produce a short profile of the news.  Because the information comes directly from a press release provided by a company, Jam’s editorial guidelines for independence require that Partner Studios direct the content creation as a separate unit from Jam news journalists.  There is never a fee for the creation of an IndustryVoice™.  If a company wants additional distribution outside of Jam, the company will provide this at a nominal charge.
  2. Join-the-Jam™:  A Jam is a conversation and marketers can have one with the Jam audience.  In a clearly labeled (Join-the-Jam with [Company Name]) video report, a company can speak and share knowledge with Jam viewers with content that seamlessly matches the editorial goals of the targeted Jam vertical channel.
  3. Jam Industry Segments: Marketers can sponsor an industry segment for 26 or 52 episodes.  A Jam Partner Studio’s creative team works together with a brand to determine the ideal episodic content that would meet the needs of Jam a vertical channel audience and the thought leadership goals of the brand.

The power of JAM Business News can be see in our focus:

Connect with consumers on multiple touchpoints
JAM reaches viewers via cable, web, mobile, tablet, social, and news touchpoints. Our stories travel places only news can and reach viewers where and when they want it.

We get results and it’s easy to work with us
We use a common sense approach to dealing with both our advertising and publishing partners. We’re a new kinds of news network and we develop a new kind of relationship. We’re what’s next!

Brand Safety
JAM Business News uses a targeted syndication model ensuring that all ads run on appropriate sites. From geography, timing, to suitability we ensure brand safety.

Through our proprietary Newsalytics™ platform we can use real-time analytics to optimize campaigns based on data parameters including time spent, interaction, and completion rates.


JAM Business News produces and syndicates video, print, and radio news reports. Our news reports focus on vertical business news with an emphasis on the news of growth companies. JAM is also beta testing innovative engagement technologies to enhance the news experience of its business viewers.


JAM Business News is a division of MICRO MOBILE MEDIA LLC. Based in Atlanta, MMM is a leading vertical digital media company that produces and syndicates business news content. The company aims to be a leader in vertical business video news content and innovative digital technologies.


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