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Our network of niche news channels delivers engaging content, innovative technology and inspiring community interactions.

The vision of JAM is to simplify how we get vertical business news in a world gone mobile, social and video. To accomplish this we are an independent news network that produces journalism in the public interest. Our stories focus on business trends, innovations, strategies, companies,and industries. Our primary emphasis is on producing stories on growth companies missed by traditional news outlets whose journalists are constrained by time and budget. To cover the 99% of companies missed, new news models are therefore, necessary.  The JAM is one such journalistic model.

The JAM produces and syndicates vertical business video news reports for a busy world gone digital. We syndicate our stories to partner publishers. JAM Business offers web publishers a wide range of segmented business news content and engagement technology that increase the value of its news reports to viewers.

With an Internet, mobile, tablet, and cable based model the JAM is the next step in the evolution of business news creation, syndication, and partnering. At its core, Jam journalism delivers news on businesses to people wherever they live in the digital world. The Company’s vision is to be the leading producer of original vertical television business news channels, with a focus on mobile, social media, and video. How? Through leadership and innovation, by developing game-changing ideas, and by redefining how business news connects with people. So no matter what direction this revolutions heads, we’ll be ready.

JAM Business News is made up of seasoned Internet business professionals. This group has implemented the original business plan centered at the intersection of four powerful market forces: the rush for personalization on the Internet, the rapid increase in the use of video on the internet, the dynamic demand for content media, and the success of micro-television channels on the Internet.



JAM Business News produces and syndicates video, print, and radio news reports. Our news reports focus on vertical business news with an emphasis on the news of growth companies. JAM is also beta testing innovative engagement technologies to enhance the news experience of its business viewers.


JAM Business News is a division of MICRO MOBILE MEDIA LLC. Based in Atlanta, MMM is a leading vertical digital media company that produces and syndicates business news content. The company aims to be a leader in vertical business video news content and innovative digital technologies.


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